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Orbital Welding Power Supplies - ORBIMAT CA / Supplier And Exporter

Orbital Welding Power Supplies - ORBIMAT CA

Orbital Welding Power Supplies - ORBIMAT CA

Compact power supplies for mechanized TIG orbital welding with a currently unique operating concept and a whole series of other special technical features. In connection with an ORBITALU M orbital weld head, the user is being offered an extremely innovative and economical welding system.

In addition to the reliable automatic programming which generates welding parameters by entering the tube diameter, wall thickness, material and welding gas all ORBIM AT CA models also include a FLO W FORCE function to reduce the pre-flow gas time when the weld heads are closed in the standard model and BUP control function with controllable, position-dependent tube internal pressure control as an optional extra.

The operating concept for the power supply is quite different from the standard operating variants available on the market: The operator guidance with a display and single-knob operation originates from the automotive manufacturing sector and has become tried and tested worldwide in the "information entertainment systems" in modern luxury vehicles. The main advantage of this is that the gaze of the operator remains focused on the screen.

Other technical refinements of the ORBIMAT CA include softkeys for essential, high-level and quick-action commands such as "Start/Stop". Compared to WINDOWS systems, the operating system in use – RTOS (Real Time Operating System) – has the advantage that not even a direct, abrupt shutdown of the system will lead to any problems. This is particularly important for the operation of susceptible power supplies, such as on building sites. Compare to Windows – where the graphic presentation of the current screen window is important – RTOS always focuses on the steering and control of the welding process, which is ultimately crucial for the quality of the welding result.

The optionally available BUP (Backup Pressure Control) control upgrade is also an innovation. BUP regulates the pressure of tOrbital Tig Welding System, Orbital Tig Welding Process, Supplier, Exporter, Exporter and Supplier in Mumbai, IndiaOrbital Tig Welding System, Orbital Tig Welding Process, Supplier, Exporter, Exporter and Supplier in Mumbai, IndiaOrbital Tig Welding System, Orbital Tig Welding Process, Supplier, Exporter, Exporter and Supplier in Mumbai, Indiahe forming gas in the tube on a sector basis, depending on the torch setting – this operation counteracts the gravity of the welding pool and so guarantees an all-round even seam.

Moreover, the Flow Force function, which decisively shortens the work process through the use of closed weld heads, is also unique on the market. Before the start of the welding process, inert gas is fed from the pressure reducer through a second duct for inert gas into the chamber of the weld head - and the undesired oxygen is rinsed out abruptly; the ORBIMAT power supply automatically detects and takes into account for the course of the process any connected system components, from the sealed or open weld head with automatic control of the arc clearance* (AVC = Arc Voltage Control) and/or the integrated oscillation of the torch* (OSC = Oscillation) through to the oxygen analysis unit. In contrast to conventional orbital welding power controllers, the setting and controlling of the torch clearance with regard to the weld seam is carried out directly via the arc clearance, without the need for any further manual corrections.